Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Weigh-In

Original Weights

Denny 177 lbs
                             Rien 173 lbs

The Barbecue Bus's dynamic duo will be consuming plates and plates of pork over the next few weeks. How many pounds will we gain??? Get your guesses in now! Prizes for the winners!


  1. Rien - 177

    Denny - 182 (without that hat)
    - 184 (with hat)

  2. Rien: 286 lbs, somking a blunt.

    Denny: eaten by Rien.

  3. Denny: 185

    Rien: 181

    Part of me wanted to think optimistically and say you could actually lose weight, but given the nature of my competitive side...don't let me down!!!

    I love following the process. Best of luck on the adventure!

  4. none...dudes are just annoying like that!

  5. can we get any hints if y'all are getting any exercise? is denny continuing his marathon training while away? is rien looking for a rowing team to sit in with? or, do y'all just drive as close to every destination as possible and roll out?

  6. I'll be sorely disappointed if they each don't break 300 lbs.